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Our Fleet

Luxury cars for maximum satisfaction

Our fleet is always equipped with the latest vehicle models.

The newest sedans of the Mercedes S-Class. In addition, we also offer you vehicle types such as comfortable Mercedes VIP V-Class with multifunctional seats, SUVs like BMW X7, and buses.

Solid SGS.png

First Class

Business V-Class

VIP V-Class


21 Seater Van


Mercedes S-Class

Max. 3 Pax

Max. 2 Suitcases

Mercedes V-Class

Max. 6 Pax

Max. 6 Suitcases

Mercedes V-Class

Max. 4 Pax

Max. 6 Suitcases

Multifunctional Seats


Max. 3 Pax

Max. 3 Suitcases

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Max. 21 Pax

Max. 21 Suitcases

Mercedes-Benz Tourismo

Max. 48  Pax

Max. 52 Suitcases

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