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Your partner for limousine service and personal protection

Because we take you reliably from A to B. And because you should entrust your safety only to professionals.

Swiss General Services GmbH is your reliable partner for limousine and chauffeur service, security services, and event logistics. With us you reach your desired destination elegantly and comfortably. Whether business or private, alone or with the family – we guarantee a relaxed and carefree stay.

Your safety is our most important concern and we guarantee absolute discretion, loyalty and flexibility. You can relax while our professional team takes care of your needs.

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Limousine & Chauffeur

Personal Security

Event Planning

Swiss General Services GmbH picks you up with one of our exclusive vehicles or your own car and bring you to your desired destination – around the clock. We also offer you a comprehensive service around the transportation itself and adapt flexibly to your personal needs.

Swiss General Services GmbH takes care of your safety. Whether on the road, at events or at home, our bodyguards protect you in every situation. Swiss General Services GmbH offers escort and property protection and develops an exclusive security concept for you, which is completely tailored to your individual security needs.

Swiss General Services GmbH takes over the complete logistics and personal protection service for your event. Whether you're organizing a convention, a wedding or a business event, we'll take care of safety and transportation from A to Z.

Limousine & Chauffeur  Service

Available around the clock!

Whether day or night, our drivers and our security staff are there for you. Contact us at any time. We are available 24 hours by phone, also on Sundays and public holidays.


Call us to request a quote:

The headquarters of Swiss General Services GmbH is centrally located near Zurich Airport. Our comprehensive service is available throughout Switzerland and also abroad. We offer the right service for every occasion and create a safe environment for you, your family and your guests.

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